Recap: Social Learning Summit 2014 #SLS14

Remember on Friday when I wrote about what you should be doing on Saturday? That thing was the Social Learning Summit, and it was awesome.

What makes #SLS so special is the energy, collaboration, and constant willingness connect on behalf of every person there. It’s a hub for live tweeting and engaging with new ideas and new people in real time. It’s wonderful.

I attended three panels and one keynote speech, though there was so much to see and learn and absorb that I couldn’t possibly have touched it all. The panels I attended were Social Media Metrics (#SLSMetrics), Brand You (#SLSBrand), and No Business Like Social Business (#SLSEnt). One of the keynotes was a fantastic speech by Joe Gizzi (#SLSKey) about the intersection of social and mobile. (Check out his deck here!)

Below I’m including a roundup of some (okay, a lot) of my favorite tweets (& some of my own) from #SLS14 to give you a sense of my experience, key takeaways, and the conference in general. I definitely recommend attending #SLS15 – I’m hoping to come back to AU for it next year!

And of course, if you were at #SLS14 – let’s connect! Tweet @staceyalevine


























Have You Been Timehopping?

Over the summer I learned about an app called Timehop and I’ve been using it religiously since. Timehop’s philosophy/motto is “A time capsule of you” and it allows you to “time travel” back in your social media life.

But what does it do? Well, you link your social media profiles to the app (it offers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Dropbox Photos, and Flickr, as well as your computer’s iPhoto and iPhone camera) and each day when you open the app, it will tell you exactly what you posted on social media on that day in previous years.

photo 1

I love the app because for me, it serves like a journal of my life. I personally don’t keep a journal, and one reason I’m so active on social media platforms like Instagram and Foursquare is so I can keep a log of the places I go.

photo 3

(My friend once met an elderly couple at a restaurant in NYC who took a business card from every single place they ever ate, went, shopped, etc. On the back of the cards, they would write what they ate, bought, felt – the whole experience. They kept these business cards in mini photo albums organized by city, to keep a log of their favorite/least favorite places. I like to think that Foursquare is the digital version of this – at least, that’s how I use it!)

So why does Timehop matter? I find Timehop interesting for a few reasons. First, the way I used social media five years ago differs so greatly from the way I use it now. Whereas now I tweet interesting articles and participate in conversations on Twitter with people in industries relevant to me, high school Stacey tweeted (in all lowercase – cool) about going to a newspaper club meeting or frustrated feelings about AP exams.

photo 5

When I was younger, I used social media exclusively for myself. Facebook statuses were for angsty John Mayer song quotes that were cryptically about that month’s crush – not for sharing an interesting blog post on the 140 moments that made Twitter matter.

While it still makes me cringe to see the things I used to post, it serves as a great reminder of both personal growth as well as the expansion of our favorite social media platforms, and the importance of the way we brand ourselves on social media.

Building a Brand’s Voice: Why It’s Okay to Tweet About Scandal

Every Thursday night at 10 p.m., my Twitterfeed explodes.

I don’t personally watch Scandal, but apparently a ton of the brands I follow on Twitter (many of them in the fashion industry) have a social media manager or editor who does. When I logged onto Twitter, I found tweets from @DKNY, @StyleIT, @thePRwoman, @StyleRepublic, @psimadethis, @strategyDC, @ThisThatBeauty, @EatShopLiveNYC, @Pantene and TONS of others, live tweeting along with #scandal.

And that’s okay. In building a brand’s voice, it’s not all about constantly touting your product, service, or brand. If every tweet is a link to an article, an announcement of a sale, or an Instagram of your product, you may be building a voice, but that voice isn’t human.

In this changing online sphere, consumers are looking to interact and engage with brands. They want to see the human side of brands who share their interests and passions. Brands can and should absolutely be opinion leaders on Twitter, but if consumers can’t identify with them, they’ve failed in their social media efforts.

And that’s why tweeting about Scandal is great. Go where your fans are! If fashionistas are loving Kerry Washington’s style on #scandal that week, that’s where the fashion blogs should be. For example, @Pantene partnered with bloggers @StyleIT and @ThisThatBeauty to talk about hair trends on #scandal, using the custom hashtag, #WantThatHair. It’s genius!

What do you think about brands tweets about topics that are technically not relevant to their product/service? Yay or nay? Let me know by tweeting @staceyalevine!

Look for Less: Twitter Nameplate Necklace

It has arrived, and I’m so excited.

You may remember reading in one of my previous Currently Craving posts about a Twitter Nameplate Necklace I saw on BaubleBar. Now, you all are probably aware of my slight obsession with the jewelry site BaubleBar – but their Twitter nameplate necklace was $88, which was a little steep for me, this necklace being what it is.

But ‘staceyalevine’ is my personal brand – my twitter handle, website URL, instagram, email address, pinterest, username for EVERYTHING – and I wasn’t letting that price tag stop me! I searched on Etsy, and found a few great options. I ended up ordered the same thing for only $22 (and it was ready in 2 weeks, as opposed to 5!)

I heard mixed reviews from friends and family when I said I was ordering this – some laughed knowingly (“Of course you would buy that!), some thought it was weird, some were excited about it.

I’m in love with it – but I want to know what you think! Would you order a Twitter nameplate necklace?

Currently Craving: May 26, 2012

I’ve been online window shopping a lot lately and it’s time for another Currently Craving post!

It’s no secret that I have a love affair with the website BaubleBar. About a month ago, these Stalactite Stud Earrings (#4) were the Friday Buried Bauble, available for only $10 (magical!) but they were sold out in blue, which I desperately wanted. Now they’re back on the site for the retail price, $24. I have some decisions to make!

I’ve also really been loving big statement post earrings, and I’ve been searching for the perfect pair. I love this other pair (#2), also from BaubleBar. Today, though, I was lucky enough to find a pair of big Betsey Johnson studs for only $14 at Nordstrom Rack! Can’t wait to style them!

Speaking of BaubleBar (and then I’ll stop, I promise), the twitter nameplate necklace (#6) is such an obsession of mine. It runs a little steep, $88, so I’ve been searching on Etsy for a less expensive alternative, and I’ll let you know what comes of it. All I know is that from Twitter, to my blog, to my email address, Pinterest, Instagram, and more, I need an @staceyalevine necklace.

Some other brand-less items I’m currently craving are an awesome pair of studded, totally 90s-grunge denim cutoffs (I may DIY a pair – if I do, tutorial to come!), a pair of skinny white jeans, a denim jacket, a black leather/faux-leather motorcycle jacket, and an white or cream eyelet lace tank top.

If anyone has suggestions of where to buy those last 5 items without breaking the bank, I’d love to hear!

What are you currently craving?

I blog things.

Hello world!

This is my new website. I’ve been writing a fashion & PR blog for about a year, which was hosted on tumblr, but I figured it was time for a change.

This website will encompass my blog, Strategy in Stilettos, amongst other things. Namely, resources to connect with me professionally, such as links to my other social media profiles like twitter, pinterest, and linkedin, and my resume and portfolio.

My blog will live on, though! When you go to, it will take you directly to the blog section of the site, Strategy in Stilettos.

I figured that via wordpress it would be easier to comment on and share my posts, as well as follow them. My tumblr will most likely continue on as a tumblr…but we’ll see. Feel free to interact!