The Intersection of Online + Offline

Recently I read an article about Moleskine‘s attempts to stay current by establishing a digital partnership with Evernote. Evernote is a website/app that lets you save documents, projects, webpages and notes in a way that makes them accessible to you on multiple devices. In Evernote’s new partnership with Moleskine, users can take handwritten notes in their Moleskine “Evernote Business Notebook” and upload them digitally to Evernote using the app on their mobile device.

What’s the difference between this and using a scanner, or even a scanning app? Well, these notes are searchable! You can also write a checkmark on your physical notebook next to a picture of a clock, and it’ll set an alert reminder for you. You can also divide up which sections of your notes are shareable with your team, and which are private.

You know what? Maybe just check it out for yourself.

Speaking of the intersection of online + offline, I decided to come up with a roundup of some awesome/silly/fun products that play off of our love for social media. Fair warning: they’re much less useful than the Evernote Business Notebook (but equally as fun!)


1. Twitterplate Necklace, BaubleBar – $135

2. QR Code Cufflinks, Etsy- $68

3. “This is My Selfie Shirt” Shirt, Etsy – $20

And my personal favorite…

4. Social Media Flip Flops, Etsy – $18.99



Recap: Social Learning Summit 2014 #SLS14

Remember on Friday when I wrote about what you should be doing on Saturday? That thing was the Social Learning Summit, and it was awesome.

What makes #SLS so special is the energy, collaboration, and constant willingness connect on behalf of every person there. It’s a hub for live tweeting and engaging with new ideas and new people in real time. It’s wonderful.

I attended three panels and one keynote speech, though there was so much to see and learn and absorb that I couldn’t possibly have touched it all. The panels I attended were Social Media Metrics (#SLSMetrics), Brand You (#SLSBrand), and No Business Like Social Business (#SLSEnt). One of the keynotes was a fantastic speech by Joe Gizzi (#SLSKey) about the intersection of social and mobile. (Check out his deck here!)

Below I’m including a roundup of some (okay, a lot) of my favorite tweets (& some of my own) from #SLS14 to give you a sense of my experience, key takeaways, and the conference in general. I definitely recommend attending #SLS15 – I’m hoping to come back to AU for it next year!

And of course, if you were at #SLS14 – let’s connect! Tweet @staceyalevine

























5 Ways to Use Social Media for the Holiday Season

To kick things off, I’d just like to announce that this is my 100th post on Strategy in Stilettos (since switching over to WordPress, that is)! For my 100th post, I wanted to write about something fun, timely, and that really embodies the spirit of the blog. So I decided to combine social media, the holiday season, and presents. Who doesn’t love that combination?

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 7.36.15 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 7.41.48 PM

I’ve been using Elfster to plan Secret Santa exchanges for a few years now and it makes everything so easy! It’s a social platform that allows you to create a gift exchange, invite your friends (via email or Facebook), and draw names virtually. Each person’s Secret Santa gets emailed to them privately, and the only in-person aspect needed is the gift exchange itself! The platform also allows you to anonymously message your Secret Santa, create wishlists to give them some ideas of what you’d like, and comment/like posts within the exchange group.

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 8.15.00 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 7.42.23 PM

Speaking of wish lists, what better way to show your friends and family what you’d love for the holidays this year than by creating a Pinterest board? You can search for gift inspiration for your friends and family, and also create a wish list of what you’d like. It might be a good idea to name the board “Holiday Wish List” or something similarly obvious so you don’t end up with another scented candle this year.

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 8.21.10 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 8.05.56 PM

Okay, I know I included Pinterest twice. But to be honest, I’m not sure how people approached the holiday season without it! If you’re hosting anything holiday-related, whether it’s an intimate Thanksgiving dinner or a big New Year’s Eve party (I’m doing both…) Pinterest has all the tools to help. Find inspiration here when it comes to table settings, décor, themes, and especially recipes!

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 8.24.49 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 7.43.47 PM

Two years ago I created a holiday music playlist on Spotify and I never looked back. Spotify has all the holiday music you could ever want, from Frank Sinatra to Michael Bublé to She & Him. You can also follow holiday playlists made by friends, brands and celebs, share music with your friends, and hook your Spotify account up to Facebook so everyone knows how much you love to listen to “Baby It’s Cold Outside.”

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 8.29.43 PM

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 8.02.10 PM

Now that social media has given you the ingredients for the perfect holiday season, it’s time to spread the love! That’s where Instagram comes in, of course. Make sure to choose the perfect filter to make all your friends jealous when snapping pics at the snow-dusted holiday pop-up shops in your city (I recommend Hudson). And, of course, feel free to share the best of your best Instagrams to your Facebook & Twitter, too.

Screen shot 2013-11-24 at 8.42.06 PM

Happy Holidays!

Have You Been Timehopping?

Over the summer I learned about an app called Timehop and I’ve been using it religiously since. Timehop’s philosophy/motto is “A time capsule of you” and it allows you to “time travel” back in your social media life.

But what does it do? Well, you link your social media profiles to the app (it offers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Dropbox Photos, and Flickr, as well as your computer’s iPhoto and iPhone camera) and each day when you open the app, it will tell you exactly what you posted on social media on that day in previous years.

photo 1

I love the app because for me, it serves like a journal of my life. I personally don’t keep a journal, and one reason I’m so active on social media platforms like Instagram and Foursquare is so I can keep a log of the places I go.

photo 3

(My friend once met an elderly couple at a restaurant in NYC who took a business card from every single place they ever ate, went, shopped, etc. On the back of the cards, they would write what they ate, bought, felt – the whole experience. They kept these business cards in mini photo albums organized by city, to keep a log of their favorite/least favorite places. I like to think that Foursquare is the digital version of this – at least, that’s how I use it!)

So why does Timehop matter? I find Timehop interesting for a few reasons. First, the way I used social media five years ago differs so greatly from the way I use it now. Whereas now I tweet interesting articles and participate in conversations on Twitter with people in industries relevant to me, high school Stacey tweeted (in all lowercase – cool) about going to a newspaper club meeting or frustrated feelings about AP exams.

photo 5

When I was younger, I used social media exclusively for myself. Facebook statuses were for angsty John Mayer song quotes that were cryptically about that month’s crush – not for sharing an interesting blog post on the 140 moments that made Twitter matter.

While it still makes me cringe to see the things I used to post, it serves as a great reminder of both personal growth as well as the expansion of our favorite social media platforms, and the importance of the way we brand ourselves on social media.

Building a Brand’s Voice: Why It’s Okay to Tweet About Scandal

Every Thursday night at 10 p.m., my Twitterfeed explodes.

I don’t personally watch Scandal, but apparently a ton of the brands I follow on Twitter (many of them in the fashion industry) have a social media manager or editor who does. When I logged onto Twitter, I found tweets from @DKNY, @StyleIT, @thePRwoman, @StyleRepublic, @psimadethis, @strategyDC, @ThisThatBeauty, @EatShopLiveNYC, @Pantene and TONS of others, live tweeting along with #scandal.

And that’s okay. In building a brand’s voice, it’s not all about constantly touting your product, service, or brand. If every tweet is a link to an article, an announcement of a sale, or an Instagram of your product, you may be building a voice, but that voice isn’t human.

In this changing online sphere, consumers are looking to interact and engage with brands. They want to see the human side of brands who share their interests and passions. Brands can and should absolutely be opinion leaders on Twitter, but if consumers can’t identify with them, they’ve failed in their social media efforts.

And that’s why tweeting about Scandal is great. Go where your fans are! If fashionistas are loving Kerry Washington’s style on #scandal that week, that’s where the fashion blogs should be. For example, @Pantene partnered with bloggers @StyleIT and @ThisThatBeauty to talk about hair trends on #scandal, using the custom hashtag, #WantThatHair. It’s genius!

What do you think about brands tweets about topics that are technically not relevant to their product/service? Yay or nay? Let me know by tweeting @staceyalevine!

5 Fashion & Beauty Brands That Are Rocking Social Media

The fashion industry was arguably one of the first industries to successfully embrace social media as a branding, PR, and sales tool. Now there are tons of brands that are taking advantage of social media, from Oreo to Smirnoff  to Starbucks. But as a tribute to our favorite fashion and beauty brands, let’s take a look at some who are rocking the world of social media.

Oscar de la Renta


Oscar PR Girl is Erika Bearman, Director of Communications for ODLR. She is widely known as a trailblazer in blending the worlds of fashion and social media. According to Erika, “I think that it’s important to be a member of the tribe that I’m studying. I feel that we know our social audiences better because I’m a part of it.” She positions the brand’s voice as confident, high-end, classy, and personable, specifically through her blog and Twitter.



The voice behind DKNY PR Girl is Aliza Licht, SVP of Global Communications for Donna Karan International. For years, the identity of DKNY PR Girl was a secret – until she “came out” on YouTube in Oct. 2011. Her Twitter bio boasts, “I’m your well-placed fashion source bringing you behind-the-scenes scoop from inside Donna Karan New York & DKNY and my life as a PR girl living in NYC.” and her tweets and blog posts live up to that. She interacts with fans of the brand via social media and has recently added Instagram into the mix.



Cannon Hodge, Berdorf Goodman’s social media manager, is the formerly secret identity behind the @Bergdorfs Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well as the Bergdorf’s blog, 5th/58th. Her voice is that of a fashion expert, simple and elegant, with tweets such as “Want your eye cream to have extra zip in the morning? Store it in your fridge.” and “Printed blouse + layers.” Reading her convos with everyone from Lena Dunham to the everyday fan makes every follower feel like an insider in the fashion world.

Prabal Gurung

Unlike DKNY and Oscar de la Renta, Prabal Gurung’s social media team is just that: a team. The brand doesn’t claim to be the voice of one person’s fashionable life, but is about the fashion industry from more of a “from the offices of PG” perspective. Prabal Gurung’s team has taken advantage of Instagram, posting several cropped images in a row, so when viewed from the main Prabal Gurung page, you can see the release of their new Fall/Winter ’13 editorial campaign. Genius!



COVERGIRL has done a stellar job of engaging fans and positioning themselves as a brand for makeup must-haves. Recently, they’ve turned the conventional rules of Instagram on its head when releasing brand new images for their campaign in partnership with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Using an innovative twist, they utilized a similar strategy to Prabal Gurung’s Instagram release above. Check it out below!

photo 1      photo 2



The 10 People You Meet at Conferences

I attended a conference last week for interns in the fields of PR, advertising and marketing. While at that conference, as if it was fate (fate, I tell you!) I received this infographic in my inbox. And I loved it.

I’m clearly the social media addict, to which my bff & former roomie Amanda can attest. Which are you?