The Intersection of Online + Offline

Recently I read an article about Moleskine‘s attempts to stay current by establishing a digital partnership with Evernote. Evernote is a website/app that lets you save documents, projects, webpages and notes in a way that makes them accessible to you on multiple devices. In Evernote’s new partnership with Moleskine, users can take handwritten notes in their Moleskine “Evernote Business Notebook” and upload them digitally to Evernote using the app on their mobile device.

What’s the difference between this and using a scanner, or even a scanning app? Well, these notes are searchable! You can also write a checkmark on your physical notebook next to a picture of a clock, and it’ll set an alert reminder for you. You can also divide up which sections of your notes are shareable with your team, and which are private.

You know what? Maybe just check it out for yourself.

Speaking of the intersection of online + offline, I decided to come up with a roundup of some awesome/silly/fun products that play off of our love for social media. Fair warning: they’re much less useful than the Evernote Business Notebook (but equally as fun!)


1. Twitterplate Necklace, BaubleBar – $135

2. QR Code Cufflinks, Etsy- $68

3. “This is My Selfie Shirt” Shirt, Etsy – $20

And my personal favorite…

4. Social Media Flip Flops, Etsy – $18.99



Look for Less: Twitter Nameplate Necklace

It has arrived, and I’m so excited.

You may remember reading in one of my previous Currently Craving posts about a Twitter Nameplate Necklace I saw on BaubleBar. Now, you all are probably aware of my slight obsession with the jewelry site BaubleBar – but their Twitter nameplate necklace was $88, which was a little steep for me, this necklace being what it is.

But ‘staceyalevine’ is my personal brand – my twitter handle, website URL, instagram, email address, pinterest, username for EVERYTHING – and I wasn’t letting that price tag stop me! I searched on Etsy, and found a few great options. I ended up ordered the same thing for only $22 (and it was ready in 2 weeks, as opposed to 5!)

I heard mixed reviews from friends and family when I said I was ordering this – some laughed knowingly (“Of course you would buy that!), some thought it was weird, some were excited about it.

I’m in love with it – but I want to know what you think! Would you order a Twitter nameplate necklace?