Have You Been Timehopping?

Over the summer I learned about an app called Timehop and I’ve been using it religiously since. Timehop’s philosophy/motto is “A time capsule of you” and it allows you to “time travel” back in your social media life.

But what does it do? Well, you link your social media profiles to the app (it offers Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, Dropbox Photos, and Flickr, as well as your computer’s iPhoto and iPhone camera) and each day when you open the app, it will tell you exactly what you posted on social media on that day in previous years.

photo 1

I love the app because for me, it serves like a journal of my life. I personally don’t keep a journal, and one reason I’m so active on social media platforms like Instagram and Foursquare is so I can keep a log of the places I go.

photo 3

(My friend once met an elderly couple at a restaurant in NYC who took a business card from every single place they ever ate, went, shopped, etc. On the back of the cards, they would write what they ate, bought, felt – the whole experience. They kept these business cards in mini photo albums organized by city, to keep a log of their favorite/least favorite places. I like to think that Foursquare is the digital version of this – at least, that’s how I use it!)

So why does Timehop matter? I find Timehop interesting for a few reasons. First, the way I used social media five years ago differs so greatly from the way I use it now. Whereas now I tweet interesting articles and participate in conversations on Twitter with people in industries relevant to me, high school Stacey tweeted (in all lowercase – cool) about going to a newspaper club meeting or frustrated feelings about AP exams.

photo 5

When I was younger, I used social media exclusively for myself. Facebook statuses were for angsty John Mayer song quotes that were cryptically about that month’s crush – not for sharing an interesting blog post on the 140 moments that made Twitter matter.

While it still makes me cringe to see the things I used to post, it serves as a great reminder of both personal growth as well as the expansion of our favorite social media platforms, and the importance of the way we brand ourselves on social media.


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