Top 3 Tips For Styling a Tasteful Crop Top

One trend that I absolutely love is crop tops – but only when they’re done right! It’s so easy for a crop top to look trashy, and even more easy for a crop top to be unflattering. You just need to be aware of your body and the features of the clothes you’ve bought, and you’re on your way!

When styling a crop top, here are my top 3 tips to making it classy and tasteful!

1. Edit the Amount of Skin Showing: To wear a crop top tastefully, you only want to show a sliver of skin – tease it! Hold up 2 fingers – now 3. A good rule of thumb is that your amount of skin showing shouldn’t be any wider than that!

2. Hide the Belly Button: The big difference between crop tops of 2013 and belly shirts of the 90s is the belly button. Let’s be real: the area of your stomach where your belly button is is not the most flattering part, and it’s also just TMI. Hide the belly button!

3. Style with High-Waisted Bottoms: Building off of the first 2 tips, take note of where your crop top hits, and style it with a skirt, pants, or shorts that will fall about an inch or so below the crop top.

For some examples, my friend Gwen and I have styled some tasteful crop top looks for y’all! Take a look:

stacey crop top2


The skirt slipped a little for the picture…what bellybutton?! 😉

gwen crop top


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