GIVEAWAY: U Chic’s Diploma Diaries

Hi all! Hope everyone is having a great summer!

I know that lots of you are post-grads, and whether you’ve landed your dream job, you’re still doing the job search thang (did you just say thang?), or you’re heading off to grad school (or Europe?) or anything in between, I’ve got something to help you out!


Christie Garton, founder of University Chic (the girl’s guide to college life), has come out with a new book!


U Chic’s Diploma Diaries: The Chic Grad’s Guide to Work, Love and Everything In Between is a guide packed with true stories, tips, and tricks for the adventure that is life after college! The book includes everything from dealing with living arrangements, first jobs, dating essentials, being healthy and happy, the social scene and making friends post-graduation, and, last but not least, money matters. It also features inspirational stories from real women on finding success post-college.

The book offers helpful tips on all areas of post-grad life. Some of my favorite topics from the book include “From Intern to Full-Time Employee” (written by an American University grad – sup!), “My Mentor Made All the Difference,” “Reconnecting with Those College Passions,” “A Trip of a Lifetime,” “I Chose Graduate School, But On My Terms,” and “How I Live on a Budget and Still Live Fabulously.”

Want a chance to read all about it for yourself? You can buy the book on Amazon – or you can enter the giveaway by CLICKING HERE!

The giveaway will be open from 8/12-8/23. You must live in the USA or Canada to enter.

Disclosure: I was gifted a copy of U Chic’s Diploma Diaries c/o Sourcebooks


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