Alex & Ani: The Adult Charm Bracelet

I have an obsession that’s been a few months in the making, and it’s time I blogged about it. The brand: Alex and Ani. The company offers tons of jewelry, but my favorites are their charm bangles. These bangles come in silver and gold, and each feature one charm (plus some mini ones that say “Made in the USA”!

The company prides itself on “elegance with an edge” and its values are rooted in positive energy. Each product has symbolism, and the charm bangles are each associated with 3 adjectives and a blurb about the symbol’s significance. They also have several bangles that support philanthropic organizations!

The coolest feature of these bangles is that their wire technology features a sliding mechanism that allows for adjustment and expansion to your wrist size – customized for the perfect fit.

Below are the Alex and Ani bracelets that I have, as well as my wish list! Are you as obsessed as I am?!


Alex and Ani Phi Mu

Phi Mu: Sisterhood • Tradition • Loyalty

Alex and Ani Compass

Compass: Objective • Direction • Transition

Alex and Ani Ladybug

Ladybug: Luck • Happiness • Affection

Cupcake: Sweet • Divine • Optimistic

Cupcake: Sweet • Divine • Optimistic

Alex and Ani Sea Shell

Sea Shell: Beauty • Intuition • Luck

Alex and Ani French Royalty #fleurdelis

French Royalty: Regality • Faith • Renewal


Alex and Ani Wishlist

1. Starfish

2. Initial

3. Plume Feather Wrap

4. Washington D.C.

5. NYC Subway Token

6. Birthstone

Which Alex and Ani bracelets do you have or want? Tweet a photo or Vine to me @staceyalevine!


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