Guest Post: Plus-Size Fashion

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Hello all you wonderful followers of Strategy in Stilettos! Our lovely and talented Stacey A Levine herself has let me write this little post for her blog about something that is near and dear to my heart (just like this blog!) — plus-size fashion.

Good plus-size clothes are hard to find, and harder to talk about. Being a salesgirl, in one of the lovely establishments I’m about to tell you all about, gives me a little bit of insight into things that most people don’t know much about. (For a prime example of a plus-size girl having no idea how to dress to her advantage, check out yours truly circa 2009.)

Dana’s Picks: The Top 5 Stores for Curvy Girls

  1. Torrid – Probably the most expensive on the list, but if you shop smart, you can definitely get some good deals. I think they tend to overstock, because their clearance section always has the good stuff from last season (not just the failed experiments and rejects). I live and die for Torrid jeans, even though they don’t go on sale much, and I tend to wait for a coupon or special deal to buy them. The quality is good though — don’t rule them out because of price, because they’ll last. Torrid sizing can be a little complicated, so definitely ask a salesgirl for help (they win the prize for friendliest employees!)
  2. Target – “But wait!” I hear you say, “Target isn’t a plus-size store!” Don’t rule it out! Target sizes go up to XXL in most cases, if not higher (XXL = 18/20). Target always has some fun things that tend not to break the bank. The main downside of target is the fact that is has no specific plus-size section, so it’s hit or miss if you’ll find your size, but it’s still a great option.
  3. Forever 21 – They have a pretty great plus-size section for all the season’s trends. I tend to be a little more conservative in my clothing choices, so sometimes what Forever 21 has is a little too much for me to pull off, but I’m sure any of you avant-garde fashion lovers will definitely find a home there. In terms of price, it’s the same extremely reasonable price range in the rest of the store. Downside: don’t try looking for any of the things you find in the main store area in the plus-size section – it’s pretty much a completely different line.
  4. Ashley Stewart – This store is a little more “urban” than the preppy, trendy, or soft-grungy stores before it on the list. Definitely somewhere to find something to go to the club, or to the office. While their casual clothes are seriously hit-or-miss, their party clothes and career clothes are spot on. While the quality of their jeans may not be as good as Torrid’s, they put up a good fight, and will routinely go on sale about once a month for $19.99. I’ve also heard great things about the support of their double-backed butterfly bra for the bustier ladies. PS- These girls definitely know how to do a peplum right! See my New Year’s Eve dress from them, below:

    Dana is third from the left, in Ashley Stewart's black peplum dress

    Dana is third from the left, in Ashley Stewart’s black peplum dress

  5. Rainbow – Another store with a decent sized plus-size section, and let me tell you, most of these prices are a steal. While the clothes are definitely less quality than some of the other stores on this list (Torrid, Ashley Stewart) it makes up for it in price (example? Torrid cami = $18.50, Rainbow cami = $7). It is definitely a good place to get cheapo, fun, casual clothes that will probably only last the season. My advice: try and get the trends that you know will die out here, and the basic classics in a little better quality elsewhere. Plus, I just got my new favorite outfit from Rainbow! Check it out:

Dress and shirt from Rainbow

Dana is a senior at Goucher College in Baltimore, MD. Follow her on twitter @lolzkaban, or on her hilarious tumblr, Textual Harassment. Thoughts on plus-size fashion? Leave them in the comments!


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