A Little Pre-Holiday Shopping

One reason I love living on the east coast is because the seasons change, which allows me to choose a new favorite time of year each time the weather shifts. Summer is great because I see my high school friends and get to spend time in the greatest city in the world, NYC, of course. Fall is boots and scarves and crunchy leaves weather – enough said. But as much as I love all those experiences, in my mind there’s no happier time of year than the holiday season.

I won’t let me myself start listening to holiday music until after Thanksgiving, though. And while the three weeks between Halloween and Thanksgiving feel as if they drag on forever, I get through them the best way I know how: shopping.

It may seem crazy to shop for holiday gifts so early, but when you have so much time to choose the perfect gift, it allows you to stumble across gifts that are perfectly matched to your friends and family, rather than forcing it! I’ve already purchased gifts for 5 of my best friends because I came across things I knew they would love.

After Thanksgiving, I’ll post a holiday gift guide. But if you’re curious what’s going on my wish list this year, I’ve already found the first thing: BaubleBar + Essie Collaboration!

This might be my favorite BaubleBar collab to date, and that’s saying a lot. Basically, you start off by choosing one of 6 Essie nail polish shades + a coordinated bangle. Then you choose 2 additional bangles to add to the set. So 1 nail polish + 3 bangles = $50!

Here are a few combo sets I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection:

But my favorite combo? This one:

What nail polish + bracelet combo would you choose? Do you think it’s too early to start your holiday shopping? Let me know in the comments or by tweeting @staceyalevine!


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