Two of My Favorite Things: Discounts and Nail Polish!

Two posts in one day? Well, it’s for a good reason! Remember Julep? Over the summer I blogged about their fantastic nail polish sets and ran a giveaway!

They’ve contacted me again with an awesome opportunity to snag some of their great autumn colors at a major discount courtesy of WABC-TV.

Their “Autumn Nails in New York” set includes a conditioning nail polish remover, emery board, three colors (a burgundy, gold metallic chrome, and autumn red-brown) and a quick dry polish drop. Best of all – it’s free shipping!

The original price of the set was $70, but through 10/12 (that’s tomorrow!) you can get it for $30 (+ free shipping) using the code CHANNEL7. Purchase here!

Comment below or tweet at me (@staceyalevine) if you snag the deal – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

*Note: This deal is exclusively available to New Yorkers.


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