5 Things My PR Internship Has Taught Me

Now that I’m about a month into my internship at a boutique PR firm in Georgetown, it’s time for a little reflection (and it’s midterms week, so let’s be real. I’d rather be blogging.) I’ve held internships before doing in-house PR, fashion, and event planning, but this is my first internship at an agency and to sum it all up: I love it!

With PR agencies come multiple clients, and with multiple clients come multiple stresses – busy, busy! But it also means you get to work with tons of different people, brainstorm new ideas, and as an intern, really learn about so many facets of the public relations industry.

So, here it is. Five things my PR internship has taught me so far:

1. Take advantage of your supervisor’s knowledge and experience. One of my supervisors also went to AU and did the BA/MA program I’m considering, so she’s been super helpful when it comes to making that decision. When it comes to your bosses, don’t hesitate to ask them about projects they’re working on and their perspectives on the industry. Mentorship is priceless!

2. The little things matter. This works in two directions: first, tasks you complete may be small but they fit into a much larger puzzle, so don’t take your responsibilities lightly and don’t treat tasks like they are below you. Second, feel free to ask your supervisors how the tasks you’re completing fit into the overall project they’re working on. You’ll understand and get a good sense of how an intern’s work really does matter!

3. Work hard, and be enthusiastic about it. In PR, of course you have to do things like package up samples and print labels. But doing your tasks well and showing enthusiasm for the work you do will let your supervisors know you care, and they’ll trust you more with bigger tasks. Only 3 weeks into my internship I had the opportunity to write an email pitch that is now being sent out to media lists!

4. Understand your environment. After spending some time at your internship you can gauge your environment. What’s the ideal time to arrive in the morning? When can you take a long lunch break and when do you need to shove down bites between tasks at your desk? When are your supervisors free to chat about your career options and when should you leave them alone to work? Understanding these things shows a different kind of intelligence that will be much appreciated!

5. Prove your worth. This one I’d say is especially important. At my internship I have 4 supervisors, and 2 of them started out as interns for the company! Just because your company won’t necessarily be hiring at the time you complete your internship, doesn’t mean they won’t be looking for new hires in the future. Prove your worth and stay in contact so you can set yourself up for potential job opportunities (and remember – people know people!)

What are some things you’ve learned from your fall internship so far?


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