Fancypants Birthday Dinner

Sometimes, I’m all about the fancy. My birthday was one of those times. My friends and I decided to have a fancy dinner party to celebrate! We all cooked different parts of the meal, got dressed up, and partied the night away.

The meal consisted of caprese pops (I got the idea from Pinterest!), goat cheese crostinis, a salad with candied pecans, crumbled goat cheese, and poached pears (everyone should try this recipe for poaching pears, they were delicious!), chicken francese, ratatouille tart, and for dessert, a flourless chocolate cake, orange cupcakes, and icebox cake! And a little champagne to add the cherry to our fancypants sundae.

Below are the photos of the two most important parts of the night: what we ate, and what we wore!

Birthday banner!

Goat Cheese Crostinis, Caprese Pops, & Ratatouille Tart

Icebox Cake, Flourless Chocolate Cake, & Orange Cupcakes

Jordan, Me & Dana

Julie & Me

Dana, Lauren, Jordan, Me & Julie


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