How To: DIY Current/Elliot Inspired Shorts

With July Fourth on its way, I couldn’t think of a better time to execute this DIY that’s been floating around in my head for a while: denim cutoffs inspired by the Current/Elliot star shorts!

Here are the Current/Elliot shorts that inspired this DIY:

What You’ll Need:

How to DIY Your Own Current/Elliot Shorts:

1. Pour the white paint into a plastic bowl or plate, or onto tin foil.

2. Dab the sponge in the paint, and then dab it a few times on the newspaper to make the print on the shorts less solid.

3. Place the star stencil where you choose (it helps if it’s a sticky stencil, but if not, be sure to hold in place!)

4. Dab the paint lightly within the stencil, then lift the stencil.

5. Repeat as many times as you want!



And just for fun, check out my Fourth of July nail art!


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