A Girl’s Love Affair with SHOPJEEN

A new obsession? The answer is YES!

SHOPJEEN is an online one-stop shop for accessories, from jewelry to iPhone cases to collars, sunglasses, and more. It was started not too long ago by a lovely GWU grad named Erin (who I had the pleasure of meeting today) and recently moved from DC to right here in NYC.

All of their merchandise is available online of course, but starting today SHOPJEEN is having a sample sale in their new adorable NYC showroom, and I strongly recommend stopping by! Located in the garment district (2 blocks from my internship, how convenient!), the SHOPJEEN showroom usually takes appointments, but today (Monday) through Saturday, they’re opening their doors to the public for an 11 am – 7 pm sample sale. And if you didn’t have enough reason to check it out already, the sale is supplemented by free Baked by Melissa cupcakes (my fav fav favorite) and champagne!

I was planning on stopping by tomorrow, but one of the SHOPJEEN girls handed me a flier on the street today advertising the sample sale, and I thought it was fate, and headed over directly after work today.

I made two purchases – Rocks Paper Metal teardrop studs that I’ve been eyeing on their website for like, a month, and adorable retro Teal Sorbet sunnies! Check them out below 🙂

You can shop online at SHOPJEEN.com, follow them on Instagram + Twitter at @shopjeen, and like them on Facebook here!


And don’t forget, you only have 2 more days to enter the Jan’s Jems Giveaway to win free jewelry of your choice!


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