Jan’s Jems Giveaway: Win Free Jewelry! – CLOSED

This giveaway has ended. And the winner is……

Strategy in Stilettos is proud to announce our first giveaway! What does this mean? Get ready to win some free jewelry!!

Jan McCarthy is a hospital administrator by day, and a jewelry designer by night. She recently created her own jewelry line, called Jan’s Jems. Her most popular pieces are long lariats that are so versatile, wire-crocheted chokers that range from simple designs to statement pieces, and wire wrapped pendants, often made from slices of geodes.

Below are photographs of Jan’s most popular designs. Click to enlarge and then keep reading to find out how you can win any Jan’s Jems design of your choice!


The Prize: Any one piece of Jan’s Jems jewelry shown above

How to Enter:

Leave a comment below telling me which piece of jewelry you would choose if you won! The comment must include your email address.

Increase Your Chances of Winning!

1. Follow @staceyalevine on Twitter (and comment on this blog post telling me you did that!)
2. Follow @strtgystilettos on Twitter (and comment on this post telling me you did that!)
3. Tweet about the giveaway using the hashtag #JansJemsGiveaway (and comment on this post telling me you did that!)
4. Click the “Facebook” button below this post to “share” the post on Facebook (and comment on this post telling me you did that!)

Get it? Every comment on this blog post gives you an extra entry (each extra entry must be a separate comment!) Enter up to 5 times to win! All comments must include your email address.

This giveaway ends on Wednesday, June 20th at 12 pm. Entries only accepted from the continental United States. The winner will be chosen at random using a random number generator, by counting the number of comments.


If you’d like to purchase any of the pieces shown, you can contact Jan directly at janmcc42@gmail.com. Earrings are $8 to $10, wire wrapped pendants are $30 to $50 (dependent on the base stone), and the crocheted pieces are $40 to $75 (dependent on amount and type of beads).


62 thoughts on “Jan’s Jems Giveaway: Win Free Jewelry! – CLOSED

  1. I love Jan’s Jems! So glad that there is this giveaway! I hope I win!!!!! My favorite is the blue beads crocheted necklace. Here’s my first entry!
    email: lisslevine [at] gmail [dot] com

  2. I would definitely pick the green tree pendant. It’s perfect for me. All the other jewelry is so beautiful too!

    I’m already following your two tweets, but don’t worry I’m tweeting about this and facebooking it too! ❤ megan.shea34@gmail.com

  3. I am following your tweets (yes I went on twitter finally) and posted it on facebook and tweeted it! My favorite would be the Blue Beads Crochets Necklace, all of the jewelry is gorgeous, it was so hard to choose! My E-mail is rr0425a@student.american.edu

  4. and now I follow @strtgystilletos. You the blog. This is how I separate you in real life too. You know between my little and the high power fashion blogger PR girl who gives away really beautiful jewelry. I’m in love with the jewelry here by the way… I might have to actually buy some of it.

    • this is too much, they are the same! real stacey and blogger stacey are the same!

      but if we’re dividing you up into two, i follow both the twitters!

  5. oh and I just tweeted about all this great jewelry. So I got all my bases covered. and all my versions on you too. ❤

  6. If I won I would like the Crystal Beads Crocheted Necklace. It’s pretty awesome and should be on someone equally as awesome. My e-mail is JuliaPeltier03@gmail.com.

    Also, I’ve been following both of your Twitters forever so I should get extra points.


    Anyway, blue bead crocheted necklace is what I would love if I won, and my email address is sm5190a@student.american.edu

    xoxo I love everyone

    p.s. you should pick me so I can give it to my mom for her 26th wedding anniversary!

  8. I fell in love with the blue beads crocheted necklace. What a beautiful statement piece! The sea foam blue, my favorite color, would go perfect with a summer tan! That rainbow effect on some of the beads is gorgeous. Gold is my absolute favorite, too. Just re-posted on facebook! gm0373a@student.american.edu

  9. The Green Tree Pendant is easily my favorite, I have a silver box chain that would look perfect with it. Handmade jewelery just feels much more special, it has that one of a kind feel. Keep up the great work!

    My email is Samanthamplatt@gmail.com


  10. Red & Blue Wire Wrapped Pendant is also stunning! i may have to change my choice if i win! Ihave two entries for the comment on your blog and for posting on fb. Wish I could have more entries! I dont tweet! damn! I posted my email with each comment, so….. hope I win!!!

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