Look for Less: Twitter Nameplate Necklace

It has arrived, and I’m so excited.

You may remember reading in one of my previous Currently Craving posts about a Twitter Nameplate Necklace I saw on BaubleBar. Now, you all are probably aware of my slight obsession with the jewelry site BaubleBar – but their Twitter nameplate necklace was $88, which was a little steep for me, this necklace being what it is.

But ‘staceyalevine’ is my personal brand – my twitter handle, website URL, instagram, email address, pinterest, username for EVERYTHING – and I wasn’t letting that price tag stop me! I searched on Etsy, and found a few great options. I ended up ordered the same thing for only $22 (and it was ready in 2 weeks, as opposed to 5!)

I heard mixed reviews from friends and family when I said I was ordering this – some laughed knowingly (“Of course you would buy that!), some thought it was weird, some were excited about it.

I’m in love with it – but I want to know what you think! Would you order a Twitter nameplate necklace?


4 thoughts on “Look for Less: Twitter Nameplate Necklace

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