Summer in the City: How to Survive the Hot Hot Heat

Today was a whopping 90 degrees in NYC, but it felt like 100. I’m lucky that my internship doesn’t involve a lot of errands and running around, but the few times I was out and about in the sun, the heat was unbearable!

Here are some tips on surviving the summer city heat:

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful, Covergirl. What does this mean? Keep it airy! I like to survive the heat by wearing clothes with a lot of flow and movement, because this generally means I get to catch the breeze! Every time I passed someone on the street today in a pair of chic colored jeans, all I could think was “You’re wearing jeans in this heat!” The same goes for makeup. Don’t pack on the usual amounts of foundation, eye shadow, etc. Find a summer beauty routine that allows for light makeup!

Ice coffee. Or your iced/frozen drink of choice – whether it’s ice coffee, iced tea, or a smoothie. It’s hot out, and if you don’t stay hydrated, you risk feeling tired or even faint, and definitely can’t work that way. On a day like that, it’s worth the splurge.

Sandals. Whether they’re heels or flats, avoiding closed-toed shoes can actually make a huge difference in feeling cool and breezy!

My outfit of choice on a hot summer day!

What are your tips for staying cool on a hot summer day?


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