Restaurant Review: P.J. Clarke’s

If you take a look at my NYC Summer Bucket List, you’ll notice that one of the restaurants I’d been eyeing is crossed out…which means it’s time for a restaurant review!

A few nights ago I headed to the Upper West Side for dinner to check out P.J. Clarke’s, a restaurant with a view of Lincoln Center. First of all – great people watching! Our table was against the window (and by window, I mean open walls), which led to great people watching throughout dinner. On top of that, the restaurant had a great casual vibe.

The wait was short – less than 10 minutes – though it was Memorial Day weekend so that might have had something to do with it… The menu featured a lot of bar & grill classics, and I ended up choosing a hamburger with cheddar cheese and smothered onions (so delicious). For sides we got mashed potatoes (so creamy!), creamed spinach (good, not amazing), and onion strings (delicious).

Overall, I’d definitely recommend the restaurant for anyone on the Upper West Side who’s looking for a delicious dinner for a relatively inexpensive price.

Have you been to P.J. Clarke’s? What other Upper West Side restaurants would you recommend?


One thought on “Restaurant Review: P.J. Clarke’s

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