How To: Make Your Own Edible Arrangement

I can say with no hesitation that Edible Arrangements are one thing that never fail to brighten my day. But damn are they expensive! For Mother’s Day we hosted a brunch for my family at our house, so I decided to try my skills at making my own Edible Arrangement.

My inspiration came from a post I saw on a blog called Mom Endeavors, and I was really excited to try it out. I changed around her instructions a little bit to fit my needs, and voila! I think it came out pretty great.

My own edible arrangement!

How to Make Your Own Edible Arrangement:

1. Find some sort of container to use: it can be anything from a ceramic mug, to a (new) flower pot, to a metal basket, etc. I had gotten a real Edible Arrangement as a gift a few weeks ago, so I decided to save the cute little plastic bear & honey pot it had come in, which I used as my base container.

2. Next, you’ll need to buy some foam – it can be the type of foam used for pool noodles, or just regular styrofoam. I used styrofoam and cut it into a block the size that fit my container.

3. Cover the foam completely with lettuce leaves (I used romaine, so we could keep the rest of the leftover lettuce in the fridge for salads later! But any lettuce leaves are fine). Make sure the lettuce covers the foam completely (it’s okay if it drapes out of the container) and use toothpicks to pin it in place.

4. In order to stick the fruit on the arrangement, I used long wooden skewers, like these:

5. In terms of choosing fruits, you want to pick things that won’t brown while the arrangement is sitting out. I used strawberries (feel free to cover them in chocolate!), blueberries and grapes as space fillers, kiwi, and cantaloupe for fun shapes.

6. I started by sticking 2 strawberries on several skewers, and placing them in an arc around the base, sticking the skewer into the foam until just the strawberries were showing. Next, I filled the inner area with kiwi slices. It’s really just a matter of playing around with the numbers and placement until you find something that looks nice and is sturdy! I added several skewers of just alternating grapes and blueberries. At the top of some of those sticks, I added cantaloupe shapes.

7. How do you make fruit shapes, you ask? Easy! The answer is cookie cutters. I chose a heart and a bear shape, since it was Mother’s Day and the container had a bear on it. I used 5 shapes, so as not to overload the arrangement.

What do you think? Would you try making your own Edible Arrangement?


3 thoughts on “How To: Make Your Own Edible Arrangement

  1. Loved this you did a really great job. Just one ?, with the cantaloupe shapes how did u get the layout to use the cookie cutters since the cantaloupe is round and u do have to de-ball it with taking the seeds out how did you get enough space to use the cookie cutters?

    • What I did was peel the melon, scrape out the seeds, and then slice the melon in strips (thin, but not too thin because you want them to stand on the sticks – I’d say about 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch). It yielded about 5-8 cookie cutter shapes, plus excess melon scraps (which I ate while I was making it!) I’d love to see how yours turns out!

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