I support “You Can’t Fake Fashion” and things.

Yesterday at 11 a.m. EST, the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) in partnership with Ebay’s FashionVault moved forward with their “You Can’t Fake Fashion” campaign. The campaign is basically to make a statement and bring awareness to the fact that knockoff and counterfeit designer merchandise hurts the profitability of the fashion industry, which, from a financial perspective, is already struggling.

As part of the campaign, 75 designers/CFDA members custom designed their own, one-of-a-kind “You Can’t Fake Fashion” tote bag. They were sold at 11 a.m. EST through Ebay’s FashionVault for $200 each. I was online at the time of course, and had to watch as my top 5 favorites sold out immediately. Below are some of my favorite ones!

I wasn’t lucky enough to get a custom designed one, but I did pick up one of the generic totes, available for only $45! I can’t wait to wear it to my internship at the CFDA this summer!


Images courtesy of the CFDA’s Facebook page. Take a look at all the designs for yourself here. Which ones are your favorites?


3 thoughts on “I support “You Can’t Fake Fashion” and things.

  1. The Tory Burch one is my favorite. I agree with this-there’s just no reason to buy a fake when it’s so easy to get great deals on the real thing! Like going to a Tory Burch outlet, for example.

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